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flag of New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand Passport
passport of New Zealand

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New Zealand - Population: 3,951,307 New Zealand - Total Area 268,680 sq km
- 0-14 years 21.90 % - Land 0 sq km
- 15-64 years 66.50 % - Water 0 sq km
- 65+ 11.60 % - Coastline 15,134km
New Zealand is a country in the south-western Pacific Ocean consisting of two large islands (North Island and South Island) and many much smaller islands, most notably Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. It is called Aotearoa in Māori, which may be paraphrased as Land of the Long White Cloud. It is notable for its geographic isolation, being separated from Australia to the northwest by the Tasman Sea, some 2000 kilometres (1250 miles) across. Its closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. The population is mostly of European descent, with Māori being the largest minority. Non-Māori Polynesian and Asian peoples are also significant minorities, especially in the cities. Elizabeth II, as the Queen of New Zealand, is the Head of State and is represented, in her absence, by a non-partisan Governor-General; the Queen 'reigns but does not rule', so she has no real political influence. Political power is held by the Prime Minister, who is the Head of Government in the democratically-elected Parliament of New Zealand. The Realm of New Zealand also includes the Cook Islands and Niue, which are self-governing, but in free association; Tokelau; and the Ross Dependency (New Zealand's territorial claim in Antarctica).
Map of New Zealand
map of New Zealand
Capital city: Wellington

New Zealand Lyrics of National Anthem:
national anthem of New Zealand

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