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flag of Suriname


Suriname Passport
passport of Suriname

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Surinamese version and Dutch version of vocal Anthem.
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Suriname - Population: 435,449 Suriname - Total Area 163,270 sq km
- 0-14 years 30.70 % - Land 161,470 sq km
- 15-64 years 63.30 % - Water 1,800 sq km
- 65+ 6.00 % - Coastline 386km
Suriname, officially the Republiek Suriname, is a country in northern South America. Other common names are Surinam or Sranang. It was formerly known as Nederlands Guyana, Netherlands Guiana or Dutch Guiana. It lies in between French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west. The southern border is shared with Brazil and the northern border is the Atlantic coast. The most southern parts of the borders with Guyana and French Guiana are disputed (upper Corantijn and Marowijne rivers—the map shows the Guyana and French Guiana versions of the border). Suriname is the smallest country in South America, in terms of population.
Suriname Border length
Brazil 597 km
French Guiana 510 km
Guyana 600 km
Map of Suriname
map of Suriname
Capital city: Paramaribo

Suriname Lyrics of National Anthem:
national anthem of Suriname

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