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Pakistan Passport
passport of Pakistan

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Pakistan - Population: 150,694,740 Pakistan - Total Area 803,940 sq km
- 0-14 years 39.30 % - Land 778,720 sq km
- 15-64 years 56.50 % - Water 25,220 sq km
- 65+ 4.20 % - Coastline 1,046km
Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Urdu: اسلامی جمہوریۂ پاکستان), is a country located in South Asia that overlaps with the Greater Middle East. It has a thousand-kilometre coastline along the Arabian Sea in the south and borders Afghanistan and Iran to the west, India to the east and the People's Republic of China in the far northeast.[2] Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, is home to the second most populous city in the world, and is the second most populous Muslim country. It was established as a modern state in 1947, as one of the two parts of the partitioned British India, but the region has a long history of settlement and civilisation including the Indus Valley Civilisation. The region was invaded by Indo-Aryans, Afghans, Greeks, Persians, Arabs, and was incorporated into the British Raj in the nineteenth century. Since independence, Pakistan has experienced times of significant military and economic growth, and times of instability, with the secession of East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh). Pakistan has the seventh largest armed forces in the world and is a declared nuclear weapons state.
Pakistan Border length
India 2,912 km
Iran 909 km
China 523 km
Afghanistan 2,430 km
Map of Pakistan
map of Pakistan
Capital city: Islamabad

Pakistan Lyrics of National Anthem:
national anthem of Pakistan

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