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flag of Malta


Malta Passport
passport of Malta

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Malta - Population: 400,420 Malta - Total Area 316 sq km
- 0-14 years 19.50 % - Land 316 sq km
- 15-64 years 67.50 % - Water 0 sq km
- 65+ 13.00 % - Coastline 197km
Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, is a small and densely populated island nation consisting of an archipelago of seven islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta lies directly south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. The country's official languages are Maltese and English. Roman Catholicism is the most common religion. The strategically located islands constituting the Maltese nation have been ruled by various powers and fought over for centuries. Malta has been a member state of the European Union since May 1, 2004. It is currently the smallest European Union country in both population and area. Malta is the only nation in the world that has collectively been awarded the George Cross for conspicuous gallantry, and its flag bears a replica of that award.
Map of Malta
map of Malta
Capital city: Valletta

Malta Lyrics of National Anthem:
national anthem of Malta

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