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flag of Uruguay


Uruguay Passport
passport of Uruguay

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Uruguay - Population: 3,413,329 Uruguay - Total Area 176,220 sq km
- 0-14 years 24.30 % - Land 173,620 sq km
- 15-64 years 62.60 % - Water 2,600 sq km
- 65+ 13.10 % - Coastline 660km
Uruguay, officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay or the Republic East of the Uruguay (River) (Spanish: República Oriental del Uruguay; pron. IPA [re'puβ̞lika oɾjen'tal del uɾu'ɰwaj]), is a country located in southern South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north, the Uruguay River to the west, the estuary of the Río de la Plata (literally "River of Silver", but commonly known in English as "River Plate") to the southwest, with Argentina on the other bank of both, and finally the South Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. About half of its people live in the capital and largest city, Montevideo. The nation is the second smallest independent country in South America, larger only than Suriname (it is also larger than French Guiana, which is not independent), and is one of the most politically and economically stable.
Uruguay Border length
Brazil 985 km
Argentina 579 km
Map of Uruguay
map of Uruguay
Capital city: Montevideo

Uruguay Lyrics of National Anthem:
national anthem of Uruguay

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